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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching style employs engaging lessons and methodical approaches to addressing students' needs. Learners have different strengths that can be utilised in order to retain as much information as possible. They need to have the pastoral support necessary to build the confidence to attempt work independently and accept and implement changes learnt through difficulties.

I understand that children are all at different stages of their learning journeys but the desired outcome remains at the highest level, challenging them in appropriate ways. Learners excel at a greater rate using positive reinforcement and appropriate feedback strategies. They can also benefit off of one another by using collaborative activities that motivate a group to work collectively to accomplish a goal.

Although there are many different activities, resources and platforms available to teachers to drive learning, I believe that it all boils down to one concept: The happier children are to be in class, the more they will engage with the material. Motivated and happy children enjoy learning and engage with concepts more eagerly so the first academic priority is also a social priority.

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