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What parents, students and colleagues say...

As Parent, Wherever we get credit for our (student’s) achievements we just say, "our daughter has the best teacher!" Thank you for your wisdom and heart and all the sweet things that you do for my daughter. We will always be grateful to you for being there for my daughter. Thank you for paying attention to her emotional problems and for not hesitating to bring her to our attention. You're an awesome teacher. We appreciate it!


Thank you so much for your detailed email about (student’s) progression this term. I trust your educational experience and I'm sure that your plan to push (student) toward self-regulation is a good educational strategy. 


To this wonderful teacher who was distinguished by morals, strong personality and kind character, thank you for your efforts with us. There is no doubt, my teacher, that your role is very important, and we all appreciate and respect you. My honourable teacher, you, in my heart have all the love, sincerity, respect and appreciation for the valuable knowledge and principles that you have provided me without expecting anything from me. All expressions of thanks cannot express our appreciation and respect for you.


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you have been doing with the children. We appreciate it very much! He has been working hard considering the current situation with your support. Even for us it has been a challenging situation, we are looking forward to sending him back to school in the future. Thank you again for your support.


Dear Mr. Willem,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you gave me last year. Because of you, I am no longer in support English and have joined the rest of the class.


Sanjay, it was an absolute pleasure and honour to work alongside you. Your spirit, empathy and professionalism is unparalleled, not forgetting the morning banter!


Excellent PD session. I most especially enjoyed the engagement and interacting with thoughts or activities I would not normally participate in.

-PD Attendee

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